M7 (NGC 6475)

Ptolemy Cluster

Typ:Open cluster
Distance:0.65–1.31 kLj
Brightness:3.3 mag
Position:RA:17h 53m 51.2s DEC:−34° 47′ 34″
Max. height:5.21°, Jun. (midnight at +50°N)
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Discovered:Ptolemy, 130
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M7 is the southmost object within Messier's catalog and therefore quite hard to spot from middle Europe. It was first discovered in 130AD by greek-roman astronomer Ptolemy.

Capturing M6 and M7 was only possible for some rare weather conditions. Rain during night and morning, cloudy throughout the day, so that humidity was kept on the ground and clear skies after dusk along with a cold night. Stars were visible with bare eyes already slightly above the horizon.

This is the situation where the image of M7 was taken: