M10 (NGC 6254)

Distance:14.3 kLj
Brightness:6.4 mag
Position:RA:16h 57m 8.92s DEC:−04° 05′ 58.07″
Max. height:35.90°, Jun. (midnight at +50°N)
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Discovered:Charles Messier, 1764
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When first documented in 1764 by Charles Messier he documented M10 as a "nebula without stars". It took about a decade until William Herschel was able to resolve individual stars using larger teslescopes.

The image above was captured on July, 15th/16th 2022, when comet C/2017 K2 (PanSTARRS) flew next to M10, from our perspective (Show in Stellarium). The diameter of the nucleus is below 11mi (18km) and the halo of dust measures around 81000mi (130000km).

The timelapse video below shows the path the comet had taken during two hours. Since the images are the monochrome subs, the video pulsates slightly.