Here you'll find some pictures where people are the primary perspective or looking at it.

If you recognize your back and prefer to not being shown here, please send me a note.

Minor Summit

Give yourself a try to find out the proper relation between green and blue taking such pictures.

Man's Toy

This is homeworker's perfect toy with plenty of more power. Your view probably will be captured by the green worker first, before you can examine the remaining scene.


Again it's the composition of light and shadow which makes this scene interesting. With light in the background the angler won't separate properly.

Let's Party

Sometimes you'll need some luck that kids are not moving for about half a second.


Convincing portraits need decent conditions. This happens to be the case during the shooting for the website relaunch of singer and vocal coach Stefanie Ruck.


A view into the distance from the roof of Castle Hohlenfels. Something to dream about. More Pictures.

Just kiddin'

Sometimes you have to change your mind. In this case someone constantly ran into my picture. So I decided to focus on these subjects now.
Taken here: Eisenbahnmuseum Kranichstein. If you're interested, you will find some more pictures here.


The large Aletschgletscher is well known by everybody who knows Switzerland. I personally preferred this detail of impressed looking audience.

Watch your Backs

Do you already see the planes? This is a really nice example for virtual photography.


It's about 2000m (~600ft) down to the ground (Rothorn, Brienz, CH).

Wood carver carving wood

Wood carver ("Schnitzler") creating a new figurine on Schnitzlerweg Axalp (Berner Oberland, Switzerland). More Images.