In this section you'll find several of my nightshots. Modern digital cameras have a big potential to produce great results.

You'll just need some patience, a stable tripod and a little courage to experiment with your whitebalance.

Dome of Cologne

Color correction was quite difficult here, because of the lot of different light sources. Setting whitebalance manually to fluorescent tube produces this composition.
This is a normal shot without any DRI. As with most of my night-images it was recorded in RAW format to decide later about whitebalance and have more freedom for contrast and color adjustments. This is also a cut of a large pano, which I only had done for resolution, a normal lens would give exactly the same framing.


This image uses DRI based on seven images to capture details in the dark facades and the bright lamps.


Just another photograph from the skyline of Frankfurt by night.

Ffm Holbeinsteg

This image used DRI too, so bright areas keep their details. Since the promenade illumination was dark that night, facades are dark too.

Ffm Floesserbruecke

During the Luminale 2006 Frankfurt installed several great bridge-illuminations for the FIFA Worldcup. To capture these colors whitebalance was set manually to 2500K.

Ffm Eiserner Steg

That pretty light-cone produced a roof of light above the city during the Luminale 2006.

Ffm Untermainbruecke

The beautiful illumination of the river was produced from the new bridge-illumination.

Ffm Friedensbruecke

The blueish base of the image was produced by the fine blue line on the bridge.


This amazing picture was taken 2007 during the Skyscraper Celebration in Frankfurt 2007 (happened exactly that way, no montage).

Great Feldberg in Taunus

This radiotower on Feldberg in Taunus was built in 1951 and provides radio and television broadcast for the region Hessen. While I expected a clear sky to view the stars, this picture would not be possible without the light clouds around the mountain's top.


This is really extreme illumination. The light produced by the welders is several stops brighter than the ambient light. Whitebalance was set manually to match the yellow floodlights, which will turn white in the picture.

Full moon

Take some time and try to photograph during full moon. This image was taken in the middle of the night, exposure time was about 6 minutes.


Feel free to experiment with light. This image was created during a drive through the city.