9:30 in Germany

This is not a ususal sundawn at all.


If you're lucky to see the sun went down, go out and take some images. To get intense colors, adust your whitebalance. In this case whitebalance was set to clowdy sky with increased saturation.


Yes, I do shoot sunsets. But to make them interesting, there must be more than just a red sun in the center.

Extreme Clouds

These already extreme cloud formations getting even more spectacular since I've used a polarizing filter.

Excursion and a Tree

Always remove filters and dirt from your lens when photographing against light sources. Did you notice the reflection from the UV-Filter?

Back Light

Such a back light exposure is always a challenge for your camera. You probably have to manually adjust your exposure to get acceptable results.

Field's Edge

If you ever think about testing your sensor's capabilities, take shots like these. Both the bright corn and dark ground maintain their textures.


These intense colors in the foreground are the result of a low evening sun and cloud shadows in the background. This lasts just a few seconds.


This old tree separates well from the darker background.

Rays of Light

Sometimes before a storm you'll have really interesting light situations like here.

Soft water

To make floating water soft you just need a longer exposure time. Of course you'll need your camera on a steady location. In this case this was a railing of a bridge.


To expose about 20 seconds you'll have to use a heavy gray filter.

Velvet Water

To transform the water into ice we again had to use a lengthy exposure and a gray filter.

Take a Shower

The major problem with this shot was waiting for the proper light. With sunshine on the water that would be too bright.


Sometimes it's interesting to freeze floating water. Then you'll need extremely short exposures. Raising ISO and opening aperture may help.

Frankfurt in Lego

Even in miniature land a photographer should keep the correct perspective (Legoland Germany).

Sheep and Clouds

Ok, I just can't stop myself to capture this scene with sheep and the accessory clouds.


This is an example of use for a wide-angle lens. You should set your camera for the best quality, to not loose resolution from the JPEG-compression.


Looking at this steep slope we have to realize, that humans are quite small compared to nature. Without the people this was a boring shot.