SH2-119, The Clamshell Nebula

ASI2600MM, 360mm f/2.8, 16h (RGB 3x18min, Ha 4.2h, S 4.1h, O 6.8h)

The Clamshell Nebula SH2-119 is located in constellation Cygnus as well. Probably due to its prominent neighbor, the North America Nebula, it is often overseen. And it is not that bright as well, so it requires a longer exposure.

This target invites to play with colors and contrast and many different edits can be found in the internet. After some experiments I decided to do a less agressive edit and keep many stars in the image which looks more natural to me.

The captured details in this long exposure are quite impressive even without artificial sharpening.

Of course there are several dark nebulae and starbirth areas in this object as well.