Just another Starcluster (M4)

ASI2600MM, ~2h (R/G/B/L/Ha)

The globular cluster M4 in constellation Scorpio resides in a region of various nebulae which are illuminated by the nearby stars Antares and Alniyat.

M4 is rather low above the horizon on the northern hemisphere and the 2 hours exposure time already hard to obtain. You'll likely get much better images from a southern location.

If you check out the region right above Alniyat (the left star), you'll notice very tiny red, green and blue dots right next to each other. That's the asteroid 536 Merapi, which flew through the image taken at 28th of May, 2022. Since the image was captured using a monochrome camera, the color dots visualize its change in position each 25 minutes.