C/2022 E3 (ZTF)

ASI2600MC Pro, 360mm, 217x RGB, 1.8h

After waiting for weeks the clouds finally opened for a brief moment at January, 29th (2023) and I was able to capture a total of about two hours of data from this target.

In order to reduce risk regarding an imbalance of color channels and to capture as most light as possible, I've used the fast reflector and the one shot color camera.

The short video is created from 97 subs taken between 20:25 and 21:16 MEZ, about 45 minutes.

I used Video Enhance AI to interpolate subframes by a factor of 8 to obtain a smooth playback at 30FPS.

The clouds opened for a brief moment at February, 10th, 2023 so I could capture the comet again along with planet Mars.

For more information how I compose comet images, check out my Comet Workflow.