Without the bush in the foreground this would be a quite boring image.


Change your altitude! Nearly anything changes when shooting from near the ground. In this shot I also used a wide-angle lens and was quite near the object too.

Spiral Staircase

Seen from the right perspective even a staircase can look interesting. This one was found in Castle Hohlenfels. More Pictures.

Just a Nut

This 'macro' was shot with a wide-angle lens too. Making the top of the rail parallel to the upper edge of the image is somewhat essential here.


The artifical soft-focus tricks the experienced viewer to believe this is a macro shot. Well, it isn't (Legoland Germany).

My Way

Believe me, this picture does not transport the full impression of height I had in that moment.


This panorama from the dam of the Oberarsee in Switzerland was taken freehand. To stitch this it without problems, payed attention to not have objects in the foreground in the overlapping regions.

Real Extents

Sometimes it's helpful to keep some people in place to make dimensions visible within a single photograph (Befreiungshalle Kelheim).

The Church

Somehow this looks like a painting, the clouds once more were created using a polarizing filter (Lungern, CH)

Construction Pit

This scene reveals its secrets slowly. You first have to discover the two workers to guess the dimensions here.