About me

I've started to take photographs pretty early in my life. In elementary schooln I often carried my first camera, a Kodak Instamatic. ...if we may call this a camera from a modern point of view.

But knowing that each shutter release cost real money and available shots on film aren't endless, you'll learn rather quick that taking photographs already starts beforehand. Pictures were developed by hand, but only black and white. Applying corrections was rather limited.

Over the years the equipment obviously changed. Next camera was an inherited Zeiss Ikon Contaflex with film cartridges, later I owned a Ricoh and finally a Nikon F3. Along with the obligatory lens zoo.Photos were still taken in black and white or as color slides.

With the new millenium first digital cameras were within budget, so an early Cybershot was added. Its resolution of 2MPixels couldn't beat the familiar quality of color slides, but since taking pictures no longer cost money, this invites for experiments.

Starting with the Nikon D70 I began to take digital photography seriously. The available resolution of 6MPixel in combination with the right lenses could produce usable results. Many images on this site origin from the D70 era. In 2006 I've switched to the D200 and in 2015 a D750 landed in my bag. Each change was accompanied with a great enhancement of visual quality.

You'll find somewhat more detailed information on the page My Gear.

The images below were taken with the Nikon F3 in the analog era.

If you are interested to get in contact with me, please drop me a mail: Andreas@Tofahrn.de